TTArtisan 17mm F1.4 Objektiv für Fuji, Sony, MFT, Leica, Nikon Kameras


Objektivfassung: Fuji X Mount


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Good optical performance, nice mechanics, BUT nearly unusable on a Fuji camera

This is a good lens, with a smooth mechanical operation, and a retro style design that I absolutely love, the lens is however completely marred by a mount that doesn't have the right measurements for Fuji cameras: it is not only extremely tight and requires some force to mount and unmount, but something is grinding at the end of the process, slowly damaging the lens mount and probably also the camera mount, which is an even more serious problem (especially if fine metal particles get on the sensor). I had already the same problem on several TTArtisan 35 mm lenses. I checked the issue on different Fuji cameras to be sure it was not coming from only 1 single mismatch with a particular camera. I wrote a review about this with the result that my review was deleted and the same will happen with this one, I suppose. TTArtisan need to recalculate the measurements for the Fuji mount and set their NCS machines accordingly. As long as this problem is not solved, Fuji users shouldn't buy their lenses, which is a pity, because otherwise, they would be excellent value for the money. Really sad and a good example of how a tiny little problem can ruin the quality of an overall excellent product. Important note: This is a problem that seems to have appeared in recently manufactured lenses, because my first lens from the company, a TTArtisan 50mm F1,2, didn't have this issue. I guess that the settings on the machine used to manufacture the mount ring were changed inadvertently.

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Schönes kleines Objektiv

Verarbeitung top. Bedienung top. Schärfe für den Preis ok, würde aber auch etwas mehr Geld für mehr Schärfe ausgeben

Sabine Böhm
Eine meiner Lieblingslinsen

Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist sehr gut. Man bekommt eine wertige Linse. Sehr sympathisch ist mir der Klick-Blendenring. Ganz ausgezeichnet gefällt mir der Blendenstern ab f8. Ein echtes Highlight. Einen kleinen Abzug gibts für die leichte Verzerrung und Unschärfe im Randbereich. Wer für kleines Geld eine leichte, wertig gebaute, lichtestarke WW-Linse will, ist hier richtig. Mich überzeugt auch immer wieder die Nahgrenze von 17cm.

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