7artisans 60mm F2.8 II V2.0 APS-C Manuell Fokus Makroobjektiv

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Nice little macro lens!

I would like to begin with the weaknesses. Because i like the lens really and don't want to end my feedback with negative thoughts.

Weaknesses I've noticed:
1) Aperture ring has no detents therefore often adjusts unintentionally. Please dear 7Artisans engineers, build in detents into the next version, or make the ring more stiff
2) Pretty soft at f/2.8. Here I would have hoped for more.
3) Focus adjustment is wayyyys too short. Its REALLY hard (nearly impossible) to focus at 1:1. I use a macro rail for everything around 1:1 so its reasonably acceptable for me.

BUT I really like this nice little macro lens a lot! Its sharp (stopped down a little), fast and feels VERY well. I love the feeling of my old vintage lenses and this thing comes close. Stopped down a bit, its razorsharp and produces good images. Buy it!

Harald Bazer
I am absolutely satisfied

Super feel, top quality .

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