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Objektivfassung: Sony E-Mount
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Second Version

Oh thats nice. Is it possible to get the new version for a new Video? I have a youtibe channel where i review lenses. I did for the first version and would like to update it. Maybe we can deal something?

Marmora Photography
Mark 2 or mark 1?

Hello guys. I wrote a review and also i made a video on Youtube about the 14mm F2.8. But now i see its a newer version?? Because its still my review under the Mark 2 what should be for the first edition. This Mark two is a better version than the first one?
Still great work also on the first edition

Hi P.M.

Yes, the Perger 14mm has been updated to the Mark 2 version, here are the upgrade points:
1. Smaller size
2. Improve glare
3. The closest focusing distance becomes shorter (the first generation is 0.43m, the second generation is about 0.25m)

Marmora Photography
Perfect Lens with almost no mistakes

Im using it now for over 4 months. You get a perfect built lens with a perfect image quality. Sunstars after F4 to F22. I realy recommend this lens for everybode who wants a good lens for milkyway or landscape. Im realy happy with this guy.

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