TTArtisan 7.5mm F2.0 Fisheye-Objektiv


Kompatibilität: Fuji X-mount


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Frank Baumgart
Mostly good

For the price, it is hard to complain about anything.
The optical and mechanical quality are good and take advantage of the short flange distance offered by mirrorless cameras. So, especially the optics is noticeably better than comparable or even more expensive offerings for DSLRs.
The short minimal focus distance stands out against the competitors and the wide f2 aperature is very handy when using the ND1000 (ND3.0, actually) rear filter. Handling the rear filter is fiddly and you will either leave it on or off all the time.

Now, to the drawbacks which are all comparatively minor:
- the ND filter is very dark and makes it hard to set the focus even in bright lighting conditions. While I cannot complain about something that came for free, an ND filter being 2 stops brighter would be more useful in most cases
- talking about ND filter and cases: there is no case or any other storage option for the filter, though, as mentioned before, you will rather keep it installed or uninstalled
- the front lens cap, which is of course unique for the lens like for almost every fisheye lens, is not designed well.
First, it comes off too easily, leaving the vulnerable front lens element exposed inadvertently.
Second, the dual use of the inner lens cap which is screwed into the outer lens cap is very fiddly and not something that you would want to do and undo in the field. Apart from finding a better mechanical solution there would be an easy solution for Pergear: provide two lens caps, both being single pieces without any screwing mechanism. One "full" cap, covering the entire lens, and one "outer", partial lens cap for circular images on full frame sensors.
I helped myself in designing and printing a lens cap on my 3D printer.

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