Viltrox 27 mm F1.2 Pro Autofokus-Objektiv, kompatibel mit Fuji/Sony- und Nikon-Kameras

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Objektivfassung: Fuji X-Mount
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Customer Reviews

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Axel Rosenthal
Unbelievable good

The lens is an enrichment for every APS-C system. It works great on my a6700 and even on the ZV-E10! From now on the lens will always be in my camera bag! Shipping to Germany was very fast after the long pre-order phase (6 days) including exemplary international tracking and including DHL tracking number within Germany! Thank you Viltrox, thank you Pergear! It doesn't get any better!

Ruy Horta
Very nice lens

This is a very nice fast lens, with good performance and exceptional build quality at a competitive price. If this lens has a downside, it is the weight and size. Right now this is one of my favorite lenses on the Fujifilm system. Looking forward what the Pro and Lab series lenses will bring in the future.

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