VILTROX 75 mm F1.2 PRO Level APS-C Autofokus-Objektiv für Fuji/Nikon/Sony Kameras

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Objektivfassung: Fuji X-Mount (Versand aus Deutschland-Lieferung innerhalb von 3-5 Tagen)
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Ralf Moeller
Great Price & quick delivery!

Since May I've been using this lens and it performs excellently. I ordered just before going on vacation and it still arrived in time, which was better than I expected. The drawbacks of the lens are its size and weight but even more to me, it's the close focus distance which is just way too long and it's really difficult to use the lens with macro extensions so that I use my wonderful XF 90mm f2 for these needs. I'm actually still not sure about keeping the 75mm long term because it outperforms the 90mm in very few situations, though when it does it really delivers! I'm really happy about buying it at the Pergear Shop and saving around 60,00 Euro at the time. Reliability has not been an issue with Vitrox, so that the Warranty I get here is actually all I need.

Hamdi Hamani
Fast Delivery

I am happy with the delivery time of this purchase also with the price. Cant find better

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